A Bit About Us

Surfing is in our blood. It's not just a hobby, it's our way of life.

We've surfed waves across the globe and are stoked to see that Canada is earning recognition in the surfing world for high-class surfing and high-class waves. But we noticed that there was something missing in Canada...the surfing community was thriving, but we saw there was a lack of access to high-end boards. Of course, surfers can buy great brands from other countries, but it's ridiculously expensive in shipping costs!

Operating out of Ucluelet, British Columbia, West Coast Shapes manufactures top quality and detailed boards with the most high end shaping machine in the market and best glassing in the world. Years of combined experience and a lot of passion go into our boards, boards that are Canadian born, Canadian made.

Not only are our boards local, but we are shaping them for the west coast waves as well we will be bringing back modify retro models from the golden days! Just like new mustangs were created to look just like the old models but with new technology, our boards offer the charm of old school designs but include modernized technology, contours, and laminating.

Canadian surfers are on the rise and with a WCSUkee board in your garage, you can conquer the wave with a solid foundation under your feet.


Mr. Ivan