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160 years of combined experience and a lot of passion go into our boards.

A Style of Board for Everyone.


Where fun on the water and innovative engineering meet. Practice surf, wake surf, skate, snowboarding, anything with it! 

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Soft tops is for beginners to experienced enthusiasts. Durable and safe, it is the best option for training or just to have fun.

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Rescue Squad

Durable, light, easily carried, & paddles fast in the surf. Non slide grips, rails, and thickness designed for rescues.

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For longboard enthusiasts! These boards make it easy to catch waves and walk to the tip with safety and style.

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School Board

Boards for surf schools, beginners, surf programs and training. Contact us for special pricing on large orders. 

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Story Time

Story Time is the product line for kids & grooms. They are specially designed to accelerate surf progression.  

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